Albert Covelli

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Who is Albert?

Albert Covelli is a producer, DP, editor and photographer with 16 years experience in corporate branding, documentary, entertainment and live music.

How did I help him?

By working along with Yeremy, we completely renew its old website to grow his online image and build his prospect and customer base online.

ServiceWebsite Development
Tech Stack






Completion Date  Mar/2017

Key Features

These features were selected in accordance with predefined business goals. The purpose is to create a robust and specialized website that provide a unique user experience.

Video Background

Designed to create a richer user experience, this full-screen video background of Albert’s work reflects his versatility, style, and dedication.

Portfolio Grid and Filter

Website’s visitors can easily get at a glance a quick overview of Albert’s work, ordered by date and filtered by category.

Unique Portfolio Page

Allowing users to enjoy Albert’s work in a focused and theater mode page. Also allowing Albert to share a unique URL per work.

Core Features

Bundled in every website I create to assure the nature of my work.


Responsive Design

Every web page design adapts to ANY screen size providing the same user experience.


SEO Base Built-In

The code is built with SEO Best Practices that allow search engines to easily index any site.


Optimized for Speed

Every section is crafted taking speed as a factor of every detail.


Browser Compatibility

Every part of the website is properly displayed in multiple web browsers.


Clean Code

Well organized, commented, and with no deprecated or break layouts.


Retina Ready

High-Resolution graphics display sharper, brighter and pixel-perfect on Apple’s devices.

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